Crafting Culinary Legends, One Blade at a Time.

Broken Tower Culinary is a small Canadian veteran-owned business providing hand mad knives and kitchenware.
The company strategy was to introduce new products targeting young fathers who want to spend more time in the kitchen cocking food for their families.
The logo design needed to represent a manly look and feel and to reflect the name with its raged and strong sound. A castle tower from a low perspective represents its height, surrounded by a sharp-edged broken rectangle.
We used black as a dominant color to reflect high-quality steel crafts.
Crafted for
Courageous Cooks.
Unleash the Culinary Warrior in You.

From Kitchen to Legacy Broken Tower Culinary

Where Every Detail Tells a Story.

Streamlined Craftsmanship

Elegant Simplicity

Effortless Precision

Sleek Artistry

Broken Tower Logo

Canadian Craftsmanship, Global Culinary Excellence.

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